Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I'm Leslie, the creative behind Sweet Bungalow 3. 

What originally began as a simple desire to create a beautiful home for my sons, has blossomed into a creative business that brings me such joy.  I'm constantly inspired by everything around me, whether it be the calm, or the rage of mother nature, the beauty of the human body, or simply the way colors and and their movement evoke a reaction on a personal level. I believe the creative process opens the mind to all the possibilities around us.  When I have a pencil or paint brush in hand, I feel free to express myself in ways that I am unable to do with words.  I have found that my true passion lies in abstract intuitive painting.  It has a healing power that keeps me motivated, excited, and continuously challenging myself to bring these emotions onto my canvas.  My hope is to create pieces of art that do the same for the viewer, to draw them in and spark emotion based on their own life and experiences.