Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I'm Leslie, the creative behind Sweet Bungalow 3. 

I am an abstract artist working and residing in Columbus Ohio. I grew up in a home bursting with creativity and although I’ve always had a passion for fashion and interior design, my journey to becoming an artist started later in life, after a long career in a financial position with the government. I know, totally right brain, crazy!  It was a secure job and I gained many amazing friends, and I’m proud of the accomplishments I achieved while working there.  But, I never felt fulfilled in my career. Creating art is a totally different story. It was actually my desire to create a beautiful home for my family that started me on my creative path. 

Like most artists, I’m inspired by my surroundings, and places I’ve traveled or dream of visiting in the future. Whether that be the calm, or the rage of mother nature, the beauty of the human body, or simply the way color and its movement evoke an emotional reaction on a personal level. I'm an intuitive painter and feel painting provides a meditative and healing process, and I believe this process opens the mind to all the possibilities around us. For me, my age has given me the freedom and courage to express my truest self, and painting has been my favorite vehicle for that truth. When I have a paintbrush in hand, my world seems to stand still and I’m able to channel all my energy and emotion onto the canvas. And while I may start out with a basic idea or a point of inspiration, I allow the pieces to flow and evolve naturally trusting my intuition. My technique involves applying multiple layers of a chosen medium, mark making, and adding texture for depth and visual interest. My hope is to create art that pulls the viewer in and allows them to connect with their own emotional response. And of course, to bring a little more love and joy into their life!